Club Captains

DOSC Club Captains

Senior Captain

Hi, my name is Laurie and I am one of this years senior captains. I have been swimming at Diss Otters for over 5 years now and I am honoured to have this position. I will try my best to help you with anything you ask and am looking forward to the year ahead!

Senior Captain

Hello! My name is Seren and I am delighted to be given the role of team captain. I am hoping that everyone will feel able to talk to me. I am really looking forward to the next year of Diss Otters.

Junior Captain

Hello! My name is Otto I have been at Diss Otters for a year and a half. I feel very honoured to have been given this role in the club and I hope I am a good team captain. I plan to be at a lot of competitions this year and I will be cheering everyone on.

Junior Captain

As junior team captain, I think that having a strong relationship with everyone is key to a strong and healthy environment. I think that if we do this then at galas there will be loads more cheering, laughs and socialising. I am very thankful to be junior team captain 2024! 

- Liv.

Club Captains Role

  • We encourage our Club Captains to bring their individual qualities and character to the role in a dedicated and professional manner. They are encouraged to act as a voice for all the swimmers in the club and to support the coaching team and committee in leading the other swimmers and assisting in their development. Whilst also aiming to be good role model for all swimmers.


  • As the Club Captain, you are the representative for every single swimmer; be they junior or senior. You must treat everyone equally, and, if the situation requires, make fair decisions that can be understood and appreciated by all involved and others observing.


  • As a representative for the club, you should be seen in the correct kit at all times i.e. a DOSC shirt when coaching, helping, competing and a club hat when competing. You should also encourage other swimmers to do the same.


  • You must be accessible to everyone, so should attend regular training sessions and assist the coaching team on poolside either at training or junior/ development galas.


  • You will be required to give a short speech at presentation evening. This should be a roundup of the year to date, combined with some events to look forward to and words of encouragement.


  • It is your duty to report any problems to the coaching staff if they arise. This may include misbehavior in the changing rooms, suspected bullying, or other discrimination.  Swimmers are likely to come to you if they have a problem, so you must treat their information with confidentiality and respect and pass on any concerns to the appropriate adults.


  • Fundraising – it is hoped that you would attend any event raising money. You should promote the event positively and try to gain the support of as many swimmers as possible.


  • When at a competition you should be at the forefront of supporting the team. This means you should be cheering on all other swimmers and encouraging others to do the same. You should also always give support to younger swimmers, especially when things don’t go so well!


  • Social events - liaise with the Social & Fundraising Committee to help organise appropriate social events during the year.