Select your membership option – Masters

There are two options you can chose when joining us as a Master;

Competitive Pathway
Non-Competitive Pathway

In terms of training, the choice you make has no influence on the Masters training option you choose (eg Masters Lite; Masters; Masters Plus; Masters - Compete Only), it simply determines the cost of your annual fee which depends if you wish to enter competitions or not. This can be upgraded at any point and downgraded as needed on annual renewal.

On selection of your chosen pathway below, the system will direct you to a page where it asks for your payment info. The charge is relevant to the option you have selected. Both options incur your joining fee (you can find the fees table here), and also your Swim England membership fee (either Cat 1 (Competitive) or Cat 2 (Non-Competitive))

Your monthly squad fees will automatically be applied to your account once this has been completed