Scott Evans



Favourite event:
100m Breaststroke

Haribo Jelly Babies

Film/TV Series:

Family, Helping people, Running, Cycling, Swimming and Golf.

ScottĀ  Evans - Coach

My journey to coaching has been through my daughters' swimming. As a father of two girls who loved their swimming, sitting on the poolside watching the activities I decided to support them by helping at the club. This has lead me to train as a Swim England Helper; Judge (Level 1 and 2); Team Manager (Level 1 and 2); Swim Teacher (Level 1); and Swim Coaching (Level 1 and 2) over a 19 year span.
I got into triathlons 6 years ago and have been a regular swimmer developing my skills in all elements of swimming, and am still enjoying the improvement process today testing my new found skills in our Diss Otters club champs.
Helping our swimmers enjoy and develop their swimming goals is my passion, using my training and experience.