Midsummer Madness 2022 LC Gala

We took a squad of 21 swimmers to the City of Norwich Swimming Club Midsummer Madness LC gala held at the UEA Sports Park 9th – 10th July 2022.

Our squad was made up of Ethan Bailey, Noah Blair, Olivia Brewer, Grace Cook, Ben Eastwood, Connie Ellingham, Liz Ferrier, Jessica Freeman, James Guerin, Forbes Irvine, Seren Jones, Roman Joseph, Damian Lemke, Daisy Lewis, Fin Neve, Donald Perrin, Laurie Shearer, Mya Sidwell, Sasha Spinks, Ella Townsend and Pascal van Enckevort who competed across 111 individual events.

Our medallists were Ethan Bailey 50M Backstroke (B). Noah Blair 50M Breaststroke (B), 50M Backstroke (B) and 50M Freestyle (B). Ben Eastwood 100M Backstroke (S), 100M Butterfly (G), 50M Butterfly (G), 100M Breaststroke (B) and 50M Freestyle (B). Jessica Freeman 50M Freestyle (B), 50M Breaststroke (S), 100M Breaststroke (B) and 50M Butterfly (B). Donald Perrin 50M Freestyle (B).

Ethan, Noah, Grace, Ben, Jess, James, Forbes, Damien, Fin, Donald, Laurie, Mya, Sacha, Ella and Pascal achieved a combined 52 top 8 finishes.

There were so many great performances over the weekend by all of our swimmers including Olivia Brewer and Connie Ellingham who took off over 3 seconds against their accepted entry times on the 50M Breaststroke and 50M Backstroke accordingly.

Daisy Lewis had a fantastic swim in her 50M Breaststroke taking off over 5 seconds. James Guerin achieved a great new PB on his 100M Backstroke taking off 14 seconds and Grace Cook came away from the weekend with a great 10 second PB in her 400M Freestyle event.

Roman Joseph delivered in his 200M Freestyle taking off 16 seconds. Ben Eastwood was on fire smashing his 200M Freestyle by 54 seconds to make it into the top 8.

Jess Freeman put in an amazing swim on her 200M Individually Medley take off a whopping 39 Seconds. Fin Neve, Donald Perrin and Mya Sidwell also had success in the 200M Individual Medley dropping 12 seconds, 18 seconds and 16 seconds accordingly and Sasha Spinks had a great 200M Breaststroke swim taking off 3 seconds against her PB and finishing in the top 8.