Junior League Round 1 and County Relay results 2015

These results make for fabulous reading for the club.

Firstly the Junior League. We have achieved far beyond expectations. This year we are into the ‘A’ Final, the Copeman Cup. Not only that but we sit in 4th position in the County, beaten in Round 1 by only the 3 largest teams in the County, Norwich Swan, UEA City of Norwich A team and West Norfolk. Now whilst winning the A final is likely out of our reach I believe we can compete strongly in the final and take confidence from the first round results. This is a super achievement already, now keep training through the closure and save the date for the final – Saturday 25th April 2015. Results below.

NJL R1 Gala Results – Wymondham – 2015.xlsx

Secondly the County Relay. So many more terrific performances against the best in the County. We started the competition of with one of the biggest wins of the entire meet, the boys 13/14 years medley relay team consisting of Matthew Tatum (BC), Dominic Boylan (BR), Joel Clarke (FL) and Jude Ashken (FC) won this first relay by over 5 seconds! Throughout the meet we managed to better or at least equal all but one of our results from 2014, true progression and development. We finished 6th out of 8 teams overall and that’s having not competed in 5 relays through the night but one of the biggest achievements has to be the lack of disqualifications, not one single team of ours was disqualified, excellent skill and concentration! Results below.

County Relay 2015 Results