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Diss Otters Swimming Club Constitution


The name of the club shall be Diss Otters Swimming Club.

Club Colours

The club colours shall be Blue and Yellow.


The Club headquarters shall be Diss Swimming Pool, Victoria Road, Diss, Norfolk.


The objects of the club shall be to promote the teaching and practice of swimming in all its branches. Members may compete in District, National and International Competitions, Open Meets and master’s events only.


The club shall be affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association and such other bodies as the Annual General meeting may decide.

Management by Committee

The club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the Officers as defined in clause 6 and (10) members elected at the Annual General Meeting. Additional members may be co-opted without voting powers. The quorum shall be (5) This is a reasonable proportion of those eligible to attend and vote at least one officer must be present. The Committee shall meet at least once in each month and at such other times as the Chairman in consultation with Secretary may deem necessary. All committee members must attend 6 of the 10 monthly meetings excluding the A.G.M. to remain on the committee. If the attendance is below 6 the committee reserve the right to replace that member on the committee. The Club Coach(s) and Team Captain(s) can attend meeting by invitation but have no voting rights.
The Committee may appoint a Special Committee for a special purpose, with or without power to act. The special committee will be given clear terms of reference and should be informed of the extent of their powers and authority. The Secretary or Chairman shall be a member of any special Committee.
The Committee shall have the power to make regulations and bye-laws provided that they do not conflict with this constitution or laws of the Amateur Swimming Association (“ASA”) and to settle disputed points not otherwise provided for by this constitution.

General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in November each year on a date fixed by the Committee when the officers shall be elected, and the audited accounts of the Club and the Committee’s reports of the preceding year’s activities shall be presented. The Chairman, Officers and Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Officers comprise of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
A special General Meeting shall be held at the request of a majority of the Committee or within 28 days after the receipt by the secretary of a written request from at least two senior members, and only matters of which notice is given in the request shall be dealt with at that meeting.
Notice of a General Meeting shall be given to each member entitled to vote by either by personal service or by sending the same to the members by post addressed to such address as the member may supply for such purpose. It shall be given not later than 14 days before the date of the meeting and shall give the date, time and venue set for the meeting, and shall include the agenda.
A prominent announcement for the date, time and venue set for a General Meeting shall be displayed at the club’s headquarters at least 14 days before the meeting.
The quorum for a General Meeting shall be (12) senior members and only senior members may vote, except that juniors may vote on matters concerning only juniors when permission to do so is given by the committee.


Results of voting shall be determined by a simple majority of the members present and entitled to vote and actually vote, except that changes to constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of such members. The chairman of any meeting shall have the right to vote on each motion and in the event of an equality of votes shall have the deciding or casting vote.

Financial Year

The financial year shall end of the 30th September in each year and accounts shall be prepared and audited. They shall include an accurate statement of the number of club members.

Application for membership

Application for membership will be made in writing to the club secretary on the club’s membership application form, accompanied by the appropriate fee. The committee may at its discretion accept or reject an application for membership.

Joining Fee and Subscription

The amount of the joining fee and the annual subscription shall be fixed by the committee from time to time and published Subscriptions for any year shall be due on 1st October of that year and the latest date for payment shall be 31 October. Membership Definition:

Senior – For those who have attained (17) or more in the preceding calendar year

Junior – For those below the age required for senior membership.

A person who has not paid the subscription by 31 October shall be deemed to have allowed his membership of the club to lapse from that date, and shall no longer be allowed to participate in any club activity as a member provided that the Committee may permit resumption of membership by payment of the subscription for the current year. 
Any member of the club helping or officiating on and off the poolside will be required to fill in a form relating to the register of club coaches and helpers and accept the procedures laid down by the A.S.A. If an individual refuses to do so then the Secretary will inform them in writing that they will not be used in any position within the club. 
Resignation from the Club shall be in writing to the Secretary.

Eligibility to Compete

The competing members must be eligible to compete in accordance with the laws of the ASA and shall not compete against persons ineligible to compete except in Masters competitions, and lifesaving competitions approved by the ASA (this law is mandatory under ASA law). When members are competing for the club in a club competition club hats must be worn.

Club Championship

The Committee may provide such club championships and competitions as are considered necessary, and shall have power to draw up conditions and rules relating to them and to vary such conditions and rules from time to time as it thinks fit. Any such varied conditions or rule shall remain in force for at least a year.

Non-Distribution of Funds

Funds and other property of the club shall not be paid or distributed among the members but shall be applied towards the furtherance of the club’s object or for any charitable purpose, provide that payment may be made (a) at normal rates or in reasonable amounts for services rendered to or goods supplied to the club; (b) as or for the purpose of awards; or (c) for the expenses of members in accordance with current ASA law. In the event of dissolution of the club the funds and other property then remaining shall be devoted to objects similar to those of the club.

Dealing with Offences

If a member behaves in a manner that is considered to endanger the safety of the member or another member, the officers may suspend him summarily and order him to appear before the Committee. If he is a junior or an associate member under the age of 17 his parent or guardian or other adult representative may appear with him. Except in the case of an alleged offence to which ASA law applies or is applied. The Committee may expel any member whose conduct, in their opinion, renders him unfit for membership of the club. The secretary shall send the member particulars of the complaint made against him and seven days notice to attend a meeting of the committee at which he or, if he is a junior member or associate member under the age of 17 his parent or guardian or other representative appearing with him shall have the opportunity of justifying or explaining his conduct. The member may not be expelled unless at least two-thirds of the committee present vote in favour of his expulsion. An expelled member shall forfeit all the privileges of membership and all rights against the club and any individual member thereof. A member’s rights of appeal against the decision of the committee are not affected by these rules.


The suggested constitution comprises practice constitutional rules. It may be found That further rules are necessary or desirable according to circumstances, but they will usually be rules made by the Committee under the last paragraph of clause 5.

Adopted at the Annual General Meeting 1999

Signed Chairman      Signed Secretary