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Gold Squad
Lead Coach: Ryan Waters
Overall Responsibility: Jamie Rush
Swimmers are expected to:

- To swim for Club if selected

- To work for and enter County Championships and County Challenge

- Attend at least 2 sessions per week

- Take responsibility for their own training and development

- Be 100% committed in every training session

- Bring their own goggles, water bottle, and hat to training sessions

- Display a good ability on all four strokes

- Handle the I.M based program

- Show a willingness to improve and succeed within swimming

- Arrive on poolside 10 minutes before each session to warm up effectively, be briefed on the session, and receive any relevant news and information


Squad Training Times

Monday 6.15 – 7.15pm

Wednesday 7.00– 8.00pm

Friday 7.00 – 8.15pm

Sunday pm 4.30 – 6.00pm


Performance Reviews

Performance reviews will be an ongoing review process to monitor swimmers’ progress.
Swimmers who are not meeting the criteria and expectations for the squad will be informed of this, and have a further three months to reach the required standard.  If swimmers are still not meeting the squad’s criteria after the three months, they will be moved to a more appropriate squad for their abilities and ambitions.


Squad Fees

- £20 membership (payable upon joining club)

- ASA Insurance Fee (changes each year, Coaches and committee will circulate the costs in January each year)

- £37.50 per month payable by Standing Order

- Monthly fee covers all squad sessions