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Squad Information

Head Coach, Jamie Rush

Lead Coach: Adam Lelean / Doug Miller


Swimmers 17+ years who no longer wish to take part in club galas regularly

May move to Regional if qualifying criteria met.

Desirable to attend general masters, Regional, National opens meets.


Squad Training Times

Wednesday  9:00-10:00 pm - Coached (Doug Miller)

Friday  8:15-9:15 pm - Coached (Doug Miller)

Sunday  8:30-9:30am - Coached (Adam Lelean and Doug Miller)


Performance Reviews

Performance reviews will be carried out every six months to monitor swimmers’ progress. Swimmers who are not meeting the criteria and expectations for the squad will be informed of this and have a further three months to reach the required standard. If swimmers are still not meeting the squad’s criteria after the three months, they will be moved to a more appropriate squad for their abilities and ambitions.


Squad Fees

  • £21 per month for Sunday Morning only or £25 per month for Sunday  morning & Wednesday evening
  • £20 per year for membership and insurance (payable upon joining club)