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Gala Information

We as a club support a variety of club gala’s such inter-club gala’s and licensed meets. For the purpose of an explanation of terms you may find on our club notice board on hear on the poolside, following is a summary of the different types of gala’s we as a club participate in:

  • PB - Personal Best Time is the fastest a swimmer has ever swum a particular race. It demonstrates a swimmer’s progress. Managers use lists of PB’s to select gala teams.
  • Entry to galas can be age on day, some are age on 31st December of year of competition and some are age on last day of competition.
  • Tiddlers gala is for our younger swimmers to compete at Diss Pool. Normally this is the first time some have swam under these conditions and it’s not meant for County swimmers.
  • Sprint Meets - Usually an Open Meet, but could be a team event where all the races are 50m sprints +/- 4 x 25m Individual Medley.
  • Cut-Off Gala – This can be a team or open event and every race is assigned a time, no swimmer with a PB faster than that time can enter that race. If the cut off time is broken in the race, no points are earned, but the swimmer still gets a PB. This makes for very competitive racing.
  • Open Gala – e.g. Diss Meet; Swimmers enter as individuals and payment by each swimmer is required for each event, usually about £4. Entries have to be made through the club and swimmers compete against swimmers from other Clubs and Otters. They hope to win individual awards, with trophies or medals for a top 3 or top 6 place. There is often a top club trophy too, for the club whose swimmers have gained the most points overall.
  • County Championships – An Open Meet with entries limited to those swimmers who live in the County. Entry times are in force so your PB must be faster than the entry time required for the event(s) you wish to enter. All strokes and all distances are covered, including 800m and 1500m Freestyle.
  • County Challenge Gala – A continuation of the County Championships (CC) but with cut off times, this gives those swimmers who are slower than the qualifying times for the County Championships and those who did not win an award, the chance to compete. Swimmers who gained a top 6 place in the CC are excluded from that event. This event is usually held in June, but entry is age on last day of CC in March.
  • County Relay Gala – A team event held in March each year, which involves just relay events involving all clubs in the county. It reflects our standing in the county and the club pays the entry fees. It is usually held in the 50m pool at the UEA and we sometimes enter non-point scoring teams in order for swimmers to gain experience. Medals and rosettes are given to all swimmers in scoring teams that gain a top 6 place.
  • Norfolk County Junior League – A two round team event involving all clubs in the county. 9, 10, 11 & 12 year age groups, age on 31st December.
  • Diss Otters Open Meet- Our Diss Otters Club Open Meet, usually held annually in October. As hosts we need all members’ parents to help organise and set up on the day, as this is our major fund raising event of the year and without it every swimmer would have to pay higher training fees! We try to attract competitors from far and wide.
  • Club Championships – This is held annually in November and is open to all members of Diss Otters who have been members of more than 3 months. Medals are awarded for top 3 places in a given age group. All strokes and most distances are covered. Every member is encouraged to enter in order to gain PB’s. A range of trophies are awarded at our Annual Awards ceremony held after the annual gala.
  • Long Course – A competition held in a 50m pool e.g. UEA.
  • Short Course – A competition held in a 25m pool e.g. Diss
  • Entry / Qualifying Times – Some galas such as the County Championships have entry times – each event is assigned a time and to enter, the swimmer must have a PB faster than that time. Some galas have entry and cut-off times so a swimmer’s PB must be between the two.
  • Licensed Meet – A gala licensed by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) or British Swimming. Certain requirements are stipulated by the ASA that have to be met by the organisers of the gala. Regional and National qualifying times have to be achieved at a recent licensed meet e.g. County Championships and there are different grades depending on the speed of the qualifying/entry times.

Please bare in mind that all gala’s held at Diss (Home Galas) require a lot of volunteers to ensure success – Do not be afraid to offer your assistance!

Swimmers – Check the club notice board (in the pool reception) every time you train, to see if you have been selected to swim in an up and coming gala. We ask that you tick or cross your name appropriately  as soon as possible.  We enter as a team for gala’s for swimmers of all abilities, so anyone can be chosen as long as we have your P.B’s (which means you must attend PB Gala’s).