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Diss Otters are a competitive swimming club. We train our swimmers to swim in competitions against other swimmers and other clubs. Squad members should be prepared to train regularly and to work hard to improve. If a member is selected to swim in a gala, please make every effort to make yourself available; one swimmer failing to turn up lets down the whole team and a gala is a fun way to spend an evening!

Club & Open Galas are your chance to record your Personal Best times and find out how much you are improving. Notices will be displayed in reception at Diss Swim & Fitness Centre with dates and details. Once swimmers have an official time, they can be considered for selection to compete in Team / Interclub galas. It is advisable to bring spare costumes, hats, goggles, T-shirt, and towel when competing in galas. Club hats must be worn by swimmers when representing the club.

Swimmers are expected to provide the following equipment: Goggles, Hats, Pull Buoy, Kick Board, Fins, and Hand Paddles however some of which are available to borrow.

Diss Swim & Fitness Centre

Swimmers and Parents are to be aware of the following:

  • A parent or other responsible adult must remain on the premises throughout the session.
  • In all cases, the club will not be held responsible for individual’s safety before, during, or after training, except when on pool side.
  • Swimmers should arrive at the pool at least 10 minutes before the start of the session to allow sufficient time for changing – swimmers are expected to be ready to enter the water at the specified session start time.
  • Swimming hats must be worn
  • No outdoor shoes on poolside. Parents and swimmers should remove footwear before entering poolside or use the shoe covers.
  • In case of severe weather, please check if sessions are running before setting out. Contact the club Chairman via our Contact us page.

Attending Galas

Attending a Club Gala for the first time can be a daunting experience for both swimmer and parent. The tips and hints below should help to make that first gala a positive and successful one.

The information below is aimed at helping you to get the best out of yourself on a race day, and to provide vital details about what to have and what to do when you are chosen to represent DOSC. Preparation is an important factor before a gala. All the training you do will go a long way to improve your stamina, strength and technique, but there is no way you can or will perform to your best if you are dehydrated or have not stretched properly beforehand.

The following is a general guide of what to take to a competition. Of course you do not have to stick exactly to the list as every swimmer takes different things.

Two Towels


Goggles including spares

Club Swim Hat including a spare

Club T-shirt

Warm Top and Club Hoodie


Track Suit Bottoms

Plenty of drinks (not fizzy)

When you arrive at a competition venue, stick with other team members, and sit poolside with your team when you have got changed. It is a good idea to bring a book with you, or something to do, as sometimes competitions can last a long time. Have some high glycaemic index snacks or a sports drink in your bag for energy boosts between events.

When at a competition it is advisable to wear poolside clothes between races. This will keep your muscles warm, ready for your race and may help you to swim better. You should keep your pool side clothes on when you go up for your race and take them off during the race before yours. It is preferred that you wear the Club Team kit on the poolside.

Senior swimmers are advised to take more than one pair of trunks/costume and change into a dry pair after the warm-up and each race. Why? This is because when your trunks/costume is wet it takes heat (muscular energy) from your body to dry them. This is the last thing you want when you have an important race to swim.

The coach / team manager will tell you which events you are swimming in. Sometimes you may be asked to swim stroke that is not your best stroke. Do your best, as there will be a good reason for this decision. Pay particular attention to your starts, finishes, and turns. Always be ready to start your race as no-one will wait for you if you aren’t there or have forgotten your goggles.

Remember you are part of a team, so cheer on your team-mates when they swim and always create a good impression as you are there representing your club.

Important Information for Parents

A few tips for parents whose child/children have been picked to swim in a team gala.

Check the notice board for the time and venue for the gala

Leave in ample time to get to the gala, it is important for your child to have a warm up swim

Remember a pen to tick of the events on your programme

Galas last between 2 – 3hrs on average

Be prepared to bring a drink (Just in case the machines are out of order)

There will always be an admission charge averaging between £1.50 – £3.00 (In house galas occasionally charged)

Most galas will have a raffle

Some pools have limited seating areas, so you maybe required to stand all evening (particular for Diss pool)

Cheering on the club will always be appreciated!!