Club Records Boys

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25m FreestyleBarnabas Clarke 15.9850m FreestyleBarnabas Clarke 30.95Barnabas Clarke 31.05Matthew Munnings 28.58Matthew Munnings 27.33Cameron Day 27.04Joel Clarke 25.74Liam Osborne 25.77Liam Osborne 25.57
50m FreestyleBarnabas Clarke 33.74100m FreestyleBarnabas Clarke 1:10.35Shaun Hunton 1:10.36Matthew Munnings 1:04.20Matthew Munnings 59.90Matthew Munnings 59.69Joel Clarke 56.17Liam Osborne 56.09Liam Osborne 56.08
100m Individual MedleyBarnabas Clarke 1:28.65100m Individual MedleyBarnabas Clarke 1:20.58Barnabas Clarke 1:19.93Matthew Munnings 1:14.50Cameron Day 1:09.39Cameron Day 1:07.98Mark Hunton 1:07.00Jamie Rush 1:04.24Justin Bott 1:03.68
200m Individual MedleyBarnabas Clarke 3:14.34200m Individual MedleyBen Sweeting 3:08.47Shaun Hunton 2:58.59Alex Lyne 2:43.09Cameron Day 2:29.91Cameron Day 2:28.48Matthew Tatum 2:29.98Matthew Tatum 2:28.30Justin Bott 2:18.14
25m BackstrokeBarnabas Clarke 19.0950m BackstrokeBarnabas Clarke 36.13Joe Osborne 36.91Joel Clarke 32.86Joel Clarke 31.29Isaac Bachu 31.21Joel Clarke 29.93Liam Osborne 29.99Liam Osborne 29.69
50m BackstrokeBarnabas Clarke 41.04100m BackstrokeJoe Osborne 1:24.63Joe Osborne 1:20.55Alex Lyne 1:14.01Joel Clarke 1:07.40Matthew Tatum 1:06.93Joel Clarke 1:04.95Matthew Tatum 1:04.81Liam Osborne 1:07.11
25m BreaststrokeBarnabas Clarke 19.7650m BreaststrokeBarnabas Clarke 40.14Barnabas Clarke 39.63Cameron Day 37.33Cameron Day 35.60Cameron Day 34.00Mark Hunton 32.89Dominic Boylan 31.98Justin Bott 30.99
50m BreaststrokeBarnabas Clarke 43.54100m BreaststrokeBarnabas Clarke 1:32.61Steven Dungar 1:32.96Cameron Day 1:22.04Cameron Day 1:19.51Cameron Day 1:17.16Mark Hunton 1:12.24Dominic Boylan 1:13.22Justin Bott 1:07.53
25m ButterflyBarnabas Clarke 16.8050m ButterflyBarnabas Clarke 33.60Barnabas Clarke 33.43Joel Clarke 30.37Matthew Munnings 29.28Matthew Munnings 28.76Joel Clarke 27.65Alex Lyne 29.05Justin Bott 28.31
50m ButterflyBarnabas Clarke 38.67100m ButterflyBarnabas Clarke 1:22.30Matthew Munnings 1:20.23Matthew Munnings 1:11.36Joel Clarke 1:06.17Matthew Munnings 1:04.84Joel Clarke 1:02.06Joel Clarke 1:03.37Justin Bott 1:01.64