Club Code of Conduct

General Behaviour

Good behaviour is expected at all times.  Foul or abusive language must not be used.

Swimmers are expected to show respect to all other swimmers, coaches, officials and parents.

Bullying, harassment and discrimination whether physical mental or emotional will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken against those who break this code.

Show respect for property and belongings of others.  Any abandoned equipment or clothing should be handed in to teaching staff, poolside helpers or a club member.

Follow instructions given by coaches, poolside helpers or officials.

The use of performance enhancing drugs or illegal substances is totally forbidden.(See Swim England banned list)

All members must refrain from making comments in the public domain which may bring the Club, officials or parents into disrepute.  This includes chat rooms and social networking sites.

There should be no photography or videoing during training sessions. To take photographs or video at a gala the pool operator requirements must be met.

Swimming Training

Arrive at latest 5 minutes before your training session is due to start with all necessary equipment.

Use the toilet facilities before training and always request permission of the coach if it is vital that you leave the pool during training.

Concentrate when being addressed or instructed and allow other swimmers to listen and complete their tasks without distraction.  Do as instructed and think about what you are doing.

Swim to the wall and practice turns as you would in competition.

Do not stand or stop in the middle of a lane and do not pull on the ropes.

Pass other swimmers safely.  You should touch the toes of the swimmer in front of you that you wish to overtake.  They will stop and let you pass.  Do not pull another swimmer back.  Do not cut in sharply blocking another swimmers pathway and do not deliberately obstruct a swimmer who is attempting to overtake.

Attend as many sessions as possible and work to meet performance criteria set for your squad.

At the end of the session leave poolside and change quickly. Respect other swimmers and pool facilities and leave them tidy. Do not distribute food or drinks in the changing areas.

At Competition

Arrive in good time with all equipment including DOSC top and swimming and poolside footwear.

Represent your club in a proper and positive manner.

Treat all officials, competitors and staff at events with due respect and accept their decisions

Stay together as a team and check with your coach if you want to leave the group so that your whereabouts are known (in case you miss a race).

Warm-up and cool-down as instructed and go to marshalling on time with your spare equipment.

Swim to the best of your ability.

For whatever reason all withdrawals must be authorised by the coach

Support all of your team mates. Respect and encourage them. Everyone in Diss Otters Swimming Club which includes swimmers, coaches, poolside helpers, members and parents are supporting your efforts and are part of the DOSC TEAM.

On departure, tidy up. Do not leave the venue in a mess. Take your rubbish home or bin it.